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 2018-2019 Supply List

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        Elementary                  Suggested Supply List


   Classroom Supply “Wish” List

 Please label all school items and clothing brought to school unless otherwise noted. Students are provided with the essential materials needed in the classroom. Keeping in mind the probability of some families having more than one child in our school the teachers have put together a wish list of additional items that would be helpful to have and are listed by grade level.




No rolling backpacks. All supplies are shared so please do not label with names.

Please have these Supplies for your child on the first day of school.


16 Glue sticks

2 odorless Expo whiteboard markers

2 16 count Crayola crayons

1 container of Clorox Wipes

1 box of large beginner pencils

1 Large eraser

1 pair of scissors

1 composition book

1 pair of headphones (no earbuds, please)



                First Grade


1 pair of scissors

2 boxes of 24 ct. Crayola Crayons

1 plain PLASTIC pocket folder

1 box of colored pencils

1 pencil box that will fit in the top of desk

2 blue or black LOW ODOR whiteboard markers

1 six pack soda box cardboard tray to fit in top

  Of their desk

1 box of pink erasers


 ****Teachers may ask for additional items****



                Second Grade

Please do not put names on any supplies for the pencil box.


1 DZ Pencils ( Dixon or Ticonderoga)

3 Large pink erasers

1 Boxes of Kleenex  

1 containers of Clorox wipes 

1 70 pg. solid color spiral notebook

1 box of 12 count colored pencils

1 box of 24  Crayola crayons

1 pair of child scissors

1 box of 10 count fine line Crayola markers

8 expo markers black

12 glue sticks

1 pencil box(needs to hold crayon, colored pencils, markers and other supplies).

2 solid color composition books

1 pair of earbuds



                Third Grade


1 box of colored pencils

1 box of 24 crayons

1 pair of scissors

1 pencil box

1 backpack (no wheels)

1 pack of 3 pink erasers

Agenda  - purchased at open house for $5.00



                Fourth Grade



Earbuds (no Bluetooth) pouch to hold them optional

1 ½ in binder with clearview cover(heavy duty preferred)

3 whole punch pouch(must be flat to fit in binder)

Elmer’s glue bottle

2 pack of glue sticks

12 count colored pencils

4 pack multi colored highlighters

12 count Ticonderoga Pencils

3 pack paper mate pink pearl erasers

Pencil Sharpener (must contain shavings)

1 Mead 3 hole plastic folder with pockets

2 red pens

Expo black dry erase markers 4-6

1 black Sharpie marker

1 package wide ruled notebook paper 150ct

One subject spiral notebook wide ruled (2 red, 2 blue, 1 green)

Dividers with pockets – 5 tab

Whiteboard Eraser(must fit in pencil pouch)

Package of heavy duty page protectors 10 count

Student Agenda may be purchased in gym from PTSO


Clorox Wipes


                Fifth Grade


1 pink erasers

1-adult pair of scissors

2-3 Pencils- no mechanical pencils please

1-pkg of colored pencils1-pencil sharpener for colored pencils

1 Lg glue stick

1 black or blue ballpoint pen

1 Red pen

1 pair of earbuds

Agenda can be purchased Meet the Teacher Night





2-single subject spirals, wide rule

3-folders for Science

1-folder for Math


1 package of loose leaf paper

1 Simple Calculator


4 composition notebooks(100 sheets)-NO SPIRALS

 Bottle of Elmer’s glue

Folder  for writing projects

$8.00 for Social Studies Weekly personal subscription(required)


For the Classroom

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

Facial Tissues

Pkg white copy paper

1 Folder for Homework




                Sixth Grade


1 Big Pencil Box

1 Bottle of glue  

1 pair of adult scissors

1 package of lined index cards

1 hand held closed pencil sharpener

1 scotch tape
1 Clorox wipes

1 box of pencils

1 pair of earbuds/headphones

Pink erasers

1 box 12 ct markers

1 box of colored pencils

Black Sharpies fine pt and regular

8 composition books- at least 200 pages
1 ream of white copy paper

***** Individual teacher might have a more detailed list at Meet the teacher night.











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